Instruction for shooting on the backdrops

18 January/2020

We will help you take  amazing shot.

Some of our customers face a problem of setting the light and editing photos with color correction. We have studied a lot of materials and now we would like to share with you how to achieve the most beautiful picture and the most harmonious color correction when shooting on the backdrop. We will tell you which programs to use when editing photos and which tools to use when setting the light.

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Annie Leibovitz Interview

18 December/2019

Legendary Photographer Annie Leibovitz Answers the Ten Questions Fans Ask Her Most

If you could ask photographer Annie Leibovitz anything in the world, what would it be? Perhaps one of the ten questions that she gets asked most frequently. The legendary photographer, best known for her celebrity portraiture, started out as a photojournalist for Rolling Stone magazine in 1970.

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Paolo Roversi Interview

15 December/2019

Paolo Roversi: “My life is full of pictures I didn’t take”

Mr. Roversi, you have taken nude pictures of many of the most beautiful girls in the world. How do you convince them to take their clothes off?It was never a big problem because they are not girls working in a place where it’s unusual to be nude, like an office. It’s not so complicated because we have a confidence between us. Some guests said no, of course. Some said no because, “My boyfriend doesn’t want me to,” or “I’m too shy.”

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Norman Jean Roy Interviw

15 December/2019

Norman Jean Roy Thinks Digital Ruined Fashion Photography

Photographer Norman Jean Roy shoots for two of the world’s most high-profile clients, Vogue and Vanity Fair. And whether on set with Hilary Swank and Joan Smalls or producing more personal, socially conscious work with the Somaly Mam Foundation, Jean Roy captures engaging, highly memorable shots of his subjects.

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Mark Seliger Interviw

15 December/2019

Photographer Mark Seliger on Shooting Barack Obama, Cindy Sherman, Kurt Cobain, and More

Mark Seliger made a name for himself in the nineties with his now iconic portraiture work for Rolling Stone magazine. From that memorable shot of the nude Red Hot Chili Peppers to one of the last portraits of Kurt Cobain, Seliger quickly cemented his status as one of the leading portrait photographers of his time. The photographer has since shot a diverse array of fashion work for Vogue Italia, Vanity Fair, and Details.

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Film’s presets

24 November/2019

Dear friends, our team and I have prepared a collection of film presets for you, we have chosen the most popular filmsKodak Portra 160, Kodak Portra 400 Kodak Portra 800, Kodak Portra 800 Kodak Gold, Kodak Ektar, Kodak TRI-X 400 Fuji Provia, Fuji Superia, Fuji Velvia, Fujicolor Pro Illford HP5 Plus.  You can download them in the Store section.



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Painted Backdrops / Jim Linderman

25 October/2019

By the same author as old time religion, The Painted Backdrop: Behind the Sitter in American Tintype Photography is now available. The previously untold story of 19th century painters and their influence on American photography during the tintype era. Never before examined in detail, the book contains over 75 rare, unpublished original tintype photographs from the Jim Linderman collection. A Grammy nominated writer and collector who has been called “the perfect subject for a Harvey Pekar comic” this book is informed with Linderman’s wit and continues his examination of previously overlooked art and photography subjects. 80 Pages, 8′ x 10″ with essays by Jim Linderman and Kate Bloomquist. Available from, as are all Jim Linderman’s books on unusual and forgotten art and photography.

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